uPVC Door Design Ideas for Commercial Spaces

Selecting the right doors for your commercial space is crucial for functionality, aesthetics, and security. Whether a restaurant, office building, or retail store, choosing the right design can not only enhance the overall appearance but also leave a lasting impression on the customers. So, let’s explore the array of options available in uPVC door designs that will surely elevate your commercial space while providing utmost functionality and style!

Classic Single Swing Door
It remains a suitable choice for commercial places that require a classic single swing uPVC door. Its clear entry and glass panels make it adjustable in terms of visibility and looks. It fits well for office, retail shops, and servicing entrances.

Double Swing Doors
Double swing uPVC doors provide the ideal solution for wide entrances and busy areas. These doors may have self-closing devices, which allow them to open wider at one end in order to facilitate unobstructed passage. Suitable for Supermarkets, Restaurants, Health Care Facilities.

Creates modern looking by maximizing space through sliding door of uPVC. The sliding folding doors are ideal for small spacing interior design areas like cafés and patios.

The automatic uPVC door has a movement detector or a button that opens it up. It ensures touchless entry and exit which promotes accessibility, prevents disease transmission as they are less contagious. Found mostly in Hospitals, Airports, and Hotels.

Frosted Glass
There are some commercial spaces where privacy is important such as meeting rooms and executive offices. Frosted glass panels in uPVC doors permit privacy but allow gentle penetration of sunlight.

Custom Branding

Make branding out of your doors! You can have your company’s logo, mission statement, or graphic on the UPVC door. This does not only strengthen your brand profile but creates unique recognition for any establishment under your company.


In many business centers, security is paramount. Safety can thus be upgraded by incorporating advanced locking systems and shatterproof glass into uPVC doors. Perfect for banks, jewelry stores and government buildings.


There is also an availability of fire-rated uPVC doors for commercial spaces requiring fire safety compliant. The doors can resist fire for a reasonable period, making people feel safe in sectors like hotel and hospital settings.

Creating a uniform uPVC door design for commercial premises is not easy to say the least. All are meant for certain applications with the general advantages of uPVC like longevity, energy efficiency, and little maintenance remaining intact from classical swing doors to modern automatic ones. The appropriate uPVC door design will ensure your business space is operational, secure, and visually appealing, creating a long-lasting impression for any customer, employee or visitor who walks through them.

The design of uPVC doors for commercial spaces is far from one-size-fits-all, and AnshuPVC is your trusted partner in providing a wide range of options to meet your specific needs.

Choosing us ensures that your commercial space’s doors are functional, secure, and visually appealing, leaving a lasting impression on customers, employees, and visitors while promoting sustainability and energy savings.

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