Sliding Windows

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Sliding windows

Sliding Windows

Effortless Elegance with uPVC Sliding Windows

Experience seamless functionality with uPVC sliding windows, designed for swift horizontal movement facilitated by nylon rollers. These windows offer an effortless operation, making them a perfect fit for apartments requiring generous ventilation. The horizontal sliding mechanism eliminates the need to reach high or bend down, ensuring easy opening and closing. Embrace the convenience and sophistication of uPVC sliding windows to enhance your living spaces.

  • Precise Engineering for Enhanced Clasping

    Featuring an optimized frame-to-sash overlap of just 8 mm, our design guarantees a tighter and more secure clasping capability.

  • Safeguarding Against Intrusion

    Effectively prevents the ingress of pollutants, water, and dust, ensuring a clean and protected interior environment.

  • Defending Against Elements

    Safeguards against the infiltration of pollutants, water, and dust, preserving your interior space’s cleanliness and comfort.

  • Versatile Solution for Every Need

    Designed to be versatile, these windows fulfill renovation needs and are also perfectly suited for new construction projects in both residential and commercial settings.


    • Optimized Ventilation: Horizontal sash movement enhances ventilation capabilities.
    • Spacious Coverage: Multi-track and sash options available to cover larger areas.

    • Thermal Efficiency: 2-chamber sash / 4-chamber outer frame design improves thermal conductivity.

    • Customization Choices: A variety of designs, colors, and hardware options to choose from.

  • Effortless Security: Features an easy locking system for enhanced security.

  • Space Optimization: Ensures effective space utilization.

  • Air-Tight Construction: Seals out noise, dust, heat, and pollution for a comfortable indoor environment.

  • Weather Resistant: Equipped with monsoon tracks for heavy rains and hurricane bars for high wind loads

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